1. Bookings will open 14 days in advance.
  2. Cancellations can now be made 8 hours before a class to offer greater flexibility. If something comes up last minute please cancel your slot if possible. This gives someone on the waiting list a chance to book in (especially to the early morning slots)! If you’re ill or sick – please don’t worry I can get more credits on your account it’s not an issue. I just want people to be consistent with coming 2,3 or 4 days a week so you can see progress!!
  3. Group size kept to 4 people to make sure nobody is waiting around for equipment or not moving!!
  4. Cancellation list – Please be conscious of other people on the waiting lists if you can’t make a class. Please let me know if you cannot make a class as I know lots of people who live close by who can make it to the gym at shorter notice. Thanks to everyone who does this already.

Lastly, your feedback is really important to me as I want your Donnybrook Performance gym experience to be enjoyable and as simple as possible! So if you have anything else please let me know!!

  1. Download the “Wunderbook” app
  2. Sign-up & add a card.
  3. Find your favourite gym “Donnybrook performance” save as favourite.
  4. Buy your membership & book your classes!!