High quality training and education in a fun group dynamic.  Groups of 4 making it cost effective and enjoyable.  With Small Group Personal Training you will work off the same structured, proven programmes as the one to one sessions with everything tailored to your needs.

Credits available through the Wonderbook App

2 Days per week Semi-Private Coaching  –  €199.95

3 Day per week Semi-Private Coaching – €229.95

Hybrid monthly online Membership – €199.95

  • Training with a friend or in a group environment (Max 4 people)
  • 2 or 3 sessions per week
  • Tailored online programme tracked via gym app
  • 45 minutes training sessions
  • Nutritional guidance and advice
  • Support via WhatsApp, email or phone call
  • Initial one to one Consultation and Screening
  • Goal setting and support throughout

If you haven’t already done so already please follow the next steps

Download the Wonderbook App

Once you’ve purchased your membership you will have 8 or 12 credits to use over the next 4 week training program block. I recommend coming 2,3 or 4 days per week to feel the benefits of the program and to see the best results. 1 session won’t be enough and 5 is probably too much in a week.
If you ever run out of credits or would like to carry some over to the next training block, please just let David know and he will sort it out for you.
To cancel, all you have to do is
– go to the “my membership” section at the bottom of the app
– tap the “i” icon
– select cancel
This will cancel your next payment, you will still be able to book into all the classes up to that date, but please note, your spot might be filled or the membership price may have changed when you wish to return.