All personal training is a monthly direct debit. This allows for between 2-3 sessions per week depending on your pre-agreed frequency. The price plan is based on a 44-week year to allow for holidays for both coach and client.

The frequency and times of all personal training sessions are pre-agreed in advance of any training commencing.

By undertaking any personal training you are agreeing to the session times and frequencies.

Any session not attended or any session cancelled within 24 hours of the session will be immediately charged and not rescheduled.

If a personal training session cannot be attended, we will endeavor to reschedule to a different date of the same week. In the event, that another time cannot be agreed upon this session will be charged.

Any session that cannot be attended due to serious illness or bereavement will be noted and carried over to the end of your sessions. If the illness is long term your direct debit will be frozen and restarted upon return. All previous policies mentioned regarding time of session cancellation still apply.

All services including online coaching are a minimum of a 3-month commitment. After this point, all services can be cancelled. Please allow 7 working days for direct debits to be cancelled otherwise they will still be charged.

Each service is non-refundable.