Donnybrook Performance is an exciting new gym in the heart of Donnybrook with a fully equipped 90sq metre Gym Floor.

So whatever your level, beginner or advanced there is a place for you at Donnybrook Performance Gym that will help you get your desired result.

 We will enable you to achieve your goals in a friendly environment that seeks to provide sustainable fitness habits and longevity. We will not only challenge you physically but will educate you too.  Combine this with a fully equipped gym floor measuring over 90 square meters, Donnybrook Performance has it all.

So, whether you’re a beginner, amateur, or pro there’ll be a place for you at Donnybrook Performance that will help you get your desired results.

David – Personal Trainer – Level 4 Personal Training and Coaching Certificate.  Elite Fitness & Performance Academy.

‘BSc (Hons) Sports Science & Physical Education – From my undergraduate study I believe that my exposure and experience to research, designing and implementing a dissertation and completing depth study of anatomy and physiology has prepared me well for the world of personal training and strength and conditioning. There is an abundance of information and research available in this space and being able to critically consume research and identify evidence-based best practices is necessary to avoid trends or fads that hold no scientific foundation.’

‘Ultimately, I am passionate about helping others achieve their potential through optimizing their physical activity. In a space that is saturated by pseudo-science, trends and fads, I am hoping to instil and evidence-based and personal approach to improving your performance – at whatever level is meaningful for you.’

DP is built on a foundation of personal passion.  From a young age, physical activity has played an integral part of my life.  Playing Rugby, Hockey, Cricket and Martial Arts has

​Personally experiencing the physical, mental and emotional benefits of quality training has fuelled my pursuit of education and professional qualification in sports and health sciences.

One on One coaching to help you reach your fitness goals whatever level that is for you.  Personalised programmes to suit your lifestyle and fitness goals.
Individualised nutrition and lifestyle plan.  Continuous support via WhatsApp, email or text.

Semi Private personal training offers  all the benefits of one to one training but in a fun group dynamic.  Train with a friend or meet new people while keeping costs down.
Individualised nutrition and lifestyle plan.  Continuous support
​via WhatsApp, email or text.